Rossini does not only focus on the quality of the coffee. Well-established presence and professionalism in customer service ensure customers a reliable and competent service allowing them to enjoy the coffee. When you have a coffee in a cafe or restaurant, you can enjoy the full experience; to this end Rossini also endorses the accessories.

Our products of merchandising

Tray with Lab’s logo
Single napkin holder
Napkin with Lab’s logo
Bench sugar holder
Table sugar holder
Espresso cup with Lab’s logo
Marocchino Cup Lab’s logo
Cappuccino cup Lab’s logo
Wall clock with Lab’s logo
Changegiver with Lab’s logo
Apron with Lab’s logo
Soft Cream coffee
Soluble Ginseng
Soluble Orzo
Lab White sugar
Lab brown sugar
Sachets of honey
Zero’s sweetener
Sachets of decaffeinated coffee
Espresso machine cleaner
Liquid dish machine
Rinse aid for dishwashers